Cyan E. Maroney ’08, 1986-2011

Cyan Elizabeth Maroney ’08 of Renick, W.Va., died tragically Oct. 2 as the result of a stabbing. She was 25.

Cyan, a professional dancer, began dancing at the age of 5 and was a dance major in college.She is remembered for the way in which dance encompassed her spirit and for her extraordinary ability from a young age. Her first public performance was at age 7.

Cyan was currently dancing with the West Virginia Dance Company.  She had also danced for several seasons with Theater West Virginia and was a member of the Trillium Performing Arts Collective in Lewisburg, WV. She taught modern dance for the River City Youth Ballet in Charleston. In 2011 Cyan performed her original choreography at Carnegie Hall’s First Stage series for emerging artists in West Virginia and won the Ohio River Valley Chapter of the Society of Arts and Letters 2011 dance award. She also loved the outdoors, hiking and her ferrets.

Cyan is survived by her parents, Michael Maroney and Dinga Wooling; her brother, Keir; her grandparents; great-grandparents; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

A memorial scholarship fund in Cyan’s name is being established with CC.   Donations may be made in her honor at:

Cyan Maroney Memorial Scholarship
c/o College Advancement
Connecticut College
270 Mohegan Ave.
New London, CT  06320

Or donate online at Connecticut College’s secure on-line site.
Please be sure  “In memory of Cyan Maroney” is indicated in the Memorial Line.


30 Responses to About Cyan

  1. Annie Maroney McMillion says:

    This looks great, thanks for getting this started. Cyan’s life was amazing and she will always be an inspiration for the rest of us that knew her.

  2. Kathryn Mathews says:

    Cyan was a spirited, beautiful and peaceful person who was one with nature. As a very young child, she walked with me in the forest and taught me the names of many plants. I was amazed by her tiny stature and her bold inquisitive mind. All whose lives were touched by Cyan are fortunate to now be keepers of her joy and spirit. Together we will carry and shine Cyan’s light forward. The Cyan Maroney Memorial Scholarship will enable Cyan’s memory to continue to be honored while also providing a lighted pathway to assist future students with their education and dance endeavors. Cyan was a giver, and the opportunity to fund this scholarship on her behalf is wonderful. The online option to donate at allows for either a one-time donation or a monthly recurring amount selected by the donor. I was delighted to see the monthly recurring option to know my gift, really Cyan’s gift, will keep giving. Cyan danced, smiled, lived and loved immensely. She is dearly missed and will be forever in our hearts and minds.

  3. Erika Laurenson says:

    What a wonderful way to honor such a beautiful spirit.

    • David Beeson says:

      This is a remarkable concept to honor Cyan. I truly admire this concept and effort. I hope that in this way Cyan will be an inspiration to others to live and reach for your dream. I also hope that the message of eliminating domestic violence and violence towards women is broadcast loud and clear.

  4. Alex Springer says:

    Subject: MERDE!
    Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 09:59:57 -0400
    Toneta, Donald, Aymen, Hilary, Angela, Katie, and Michael,
    I have been thinking of you all often these last few weeks.
    I cannot imagine the tremendous pain and sorrow you all have faced
    since Cyan’s tragic departure. There really are no words appropriate
    for such an immense loss. I have been dedicating my recent
    performances and daily practice to her glowing memory. She was a
    treasure and I feel lucky to have experienced her incredible soul and
    beautiful dancing so closely. What a joy this art form is that we get
    to know and work with people so intimately. When you dance with
    someone a unique connection is made – it is a physical awareness and
    familiarity with someone’s presence. It goes deeper than just a
    friendship and leaves a lasting imprint. In that way Cyan is with you
    always… and I know you all will be thinking of her today as you move
    into your show.
    Know that I’m thinking of you all today. I have no doubt that the
    piece has come to life on you all in so many new and incredible ways.
    I wish I could be there to see your wonderful performance. I have no
    doubt that it will be tremendous.
    After all that has happened since we were last together, the work is
    indeed yours now – you truly know what it means to be a part of a
    group, a community, a family – and that’s what it all comes back to…
    simply share it.


  5. Philip Canterbury says:

    This is a really great website. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, it is a beautiful thing for me to read SO much LOVE & JOY in the words of those who were closest to her. I have WV memories from many years ago, and through your words and photos I’m able to experience her spirit, her wisdom, and her smile. Thank you again, the scholarship is a brilliant step. I will think of Cyan and her family often, and may serenity find all who grieve this great loss.

  6. Deborah Steele says:

    I am so sorry for this tragic loss to your family.I hope that in time, you will all find peace in knowing that the scholarship fund that you have established will make Cyan’s memory live on in countless other young people and allow them to express themselves as she did through her beautiful talent.

  7. Nancy Salmon says:

    We here, staff of the Bates Dance Festival, are saddened by this news of Cyan’s death. We feel honored to have crossed paths with her, even briefly, when she attended the Festival in 2010. She was a joyful dancer and delightful human. Healing energy to all her family and friends.

  8. Kathy Follensbee says:

    Although I attended Bates the same summer as Cyan I did not know her well, but remember seeing her around. All of us enjoyed ourselves so much that summer, and all of us felt such a great spirit together. I am writing because my brother was also murdered, and our family also started a memorial scholarship in his name at his college. As one who has watched and met and heard from many recipients, the memorial continues to bring comfort to our family after 25 years. It is wonderful for your family to celebrate her life, and I think you will be so grateful for the new connections you will make. May you find comfort in the rocky road ahead and know that others will learn from your courage. God Bless.

  9. Barry-Anita-Brad-Bryan says:

    It is so hard to write about such an untimely event, let alone trying to live on with it. My wife, two sons, and I have lived some of the sorrow that comes with an unnecessary, and shameful loss of life with someone that was so easy to know, bubbling with life, and easy to remember and smile about! Cyan’s life was cut short needlesly and without good explanation, but thank God for God when it comes to trying to explain such a tragic loss. No parent should ever know that sorrow, but the both of you exemplify the strength and self composure to keep on even though it would be very easy to show and do otherwise.
    I have seen Cyan dance, and a committed dancer-passionate and dedicated-She was…same on the soccer field, hair bouncing, legs going 90, and the most contagious smile on the field. Our thoughts will embrace the good memories,and smile at the future chance meetings with such great, loving parents.

  10. Luis A. Rodríguez says:

    A memorial celebrating the life of Cyan Maroney 08′ will be held on Sunday, May 6 at 1 pm in the Myers Dance Auditorium in the Croziers Williams Student Center, at Connecticut College in New London, CT.

    For more information regarding the memorial, please contact Luis A. Rodriguez at (860) 439-2455 or e-mail at

  11. Leslie Snow says:

    It was an honor to attend the memorial for Cyan in the Meyers Dance Space at her Alma Mater Connecticut College. It was truly a celebration of her life and I was so glad I could bring her classmate Laura Snow’s thoughts and prayers from Australia. Many times I saw Cyan inspired dancing and experienced her wonderful choreography between 2005 and 2008. My late husband and I were fortunate to live fairly close by and so attended many performances. The memorial today was filled with heartfelt comments and remembrances with music and very special dances in tribute. The rousing and spiritual ending of the memorial was so fitting to her spirit. I urge everyone to support the dance scholarship fund in Cyan’s honor at Conn and any other way that her loving family would need help with. Contact me if I can be of any help in the future.

  12. Kellie Maroney says:

    Hello, Here is another picture that I want to share with everyone of our dear Cyan with her brother Keir and dad. This was taken on Mike’s porch years ago. I am not as good as some of our family members at putting dates on the back of the pictures so I am not sure of the date. I framed this picture many years ago and it has been hanging on my dining room wall. Kellie

  13. Kellie Maroney says:

    OOps not sure what happened but the pic did not attach. Here it is!

  14. Chandra Ursule Weinland Brown says:

    Dearest Dinga…Today I was online looking for you…There no words tears pour my heart so sad so sorry for the loss of your precious child…Please stay strong…Stay in the light surround yourself with beauty and loving people…my email is attached to this please connect with me. Your daughter was so so beautiful and talented ….I read the articles and hear your strong voice…live for her…I am so proud that you are becoming a warrior…fight for her…Dinga…I pray for your family to heal…hold on…to love and the memories.

  15. James Lewis says:

    This message is to thank you, Autumn Wooling, for sharing this tragic story of your beautiful granddaughter. If you recall we spoke on the phone Tuesday, July 31st. I intend to share this website and tragic story with all of my friends. Hopefully many will be able to make donations to the foundation. Having lost my brother 27 years ago, I can tell you the pain never goes away. We learn to accept and cope, but we never forget.

    James Lewis

  16. Patti Henry says:

    Thinking about Cyan and everyone whose lives she touched, including mine, both in her life (only very briefly) and in her death. My thoughts are with all of you today as I remember a year ago…and the time after. Sending love and peaceful wishes your way.

  17. admin says:

    Another continuance granted. New trial date will probably be in November.

  18. Dinga says:

    The trial was continued again. New date, Feb. 24, 2014.

  19. Dinga says:

    The trial about Cyan’s murder starts Monday, 2/24/14. Jury selection Monday and then the trial. Everyone is welcome to come and show support for Cyan at the Raleigh Co. courthouse. Please keep us in your prayers.

  20. Meryl says:

    We love you Cyan! We are banding together for strength and praying for justice.

  21. Mag Maroney-Bowen says:

    Praying for the family, our thoughts are with you all on this day, love you dearly.

  22. Drema Langdon says:

    Dinga & Michael – In our prayers!My heart simply breaks for you all! Drema

  23. Patti Henry says:

    My thoughts have been with all of you…the family, the roommates, the colleagues and friends…so very much this week. I know that all of Cat’s friends in Beckley are helping to care for her and that she is doing what she can to care for them and for Cyan’s memory.

  24. Shane Hanna says:

    Mike and Dinga- I just wanted you to know that everyone at Greenbrier East has thought about and prayed for the past few weeks. I was so happy to hear the verdict handed down and that justice will be done. I will continue to pray for you both, reminded by a little Cyan bracelet that represents the tremendous spirit of such a joyous young lady!

  25. Toneta Akers-Toler says:

    Well, it is now March 8, 2014. I have come to the point that I MUST believe that a beautiful spirit filled with light will continue through time and space forever. That spirit that was the brightest light that I felt so intensely many times since Oct. 2nd is I know even more powerful in the universe. I also have come to believe that an evil spirit only grows smaller as it wraps deeper into only consuming itself through all time and space. Somehow the message that was sent to me that caused this thought to be so tenacious in my mind makes me be able to continue on this earth. Thanks be to God that the trail is finally over and we can focus on the bright and beautiful spirit that is always with us now and forever more! Cyan you continue to give and make a world for us that is beautiful. Forever Amazing…Yes……………………………..

  26. Yvonne says:

    My deepest condolences to the Maroney family who have lost a beautiful soul. She will be greatly missed. Prayers and thoughts to the family.

  27. Kellie Maroney says:

    I thought of Cyan as I watched a bird climb into our blueberry bush and examine all the berries to find the perfect one. Happy Birthday Cyan! We all miss you!

  28. Dinga says:

    what’s going on?

  29. Kellie Maroney says:

    My thoughts are with you Mike and Dinga. Cyan is so missed ! Love, Kellie

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